Reflex is always trying new things, to innovate, but as with every innovation, it has growing pains.

What first started as an hobby, started to be something real. Reflex started to build more and more Android applications. REFLEX CLOUD MINER, REFLEXER, REFLEX TASK (down till further notice), REFLEX SPACE HUNTING.

The main program is REFLEX CLOUD MINER.

Due to global acceptance, some problems arose. Some countries have restrictions. Some have a different approach to get access to the internet, others have a bad routing to the REFLEX servers. All these problems are challenging for REFLEX. REFLEX had a good start. But due to the overwhelming success, staggered upon some problems and we are working to solve them.

There may be some problems when you try to login the Reflex Cloud Miner App, mostly indicated as php errors.

  • Solution: Clear cache and refresh the app.

The routing is bad or slow.

  • Solution: Try to get a better reception and retry.

The applications says login or password is incorrect.

The rewards are calculated income versus expenses. The time you spend on the application.

We are monitoring, changing and adjusting the mining rates periodicaly.

Bitcoin took 10 years to get any high value.

There is a possibility, but it all depends on the community, investors, and market developments.

Staking means that you are holding RFX. Holding RFX means those assets are not available on the market.

This allows the marketprice of RFX rise.

You want your RFX to be really worth something? STAKE your amount. Any amount. Earn passive on your already earned RFX.

Because your mining activity is active. To stake you need to end the mining process, start staking and then you can mine again.

It was by design like this. So choose wisely. REFLEX will work to evolve the staking process and allow multiple staking.

RFX is distributed on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum has insanely high gas fees.

Reflex pays all the transaction fees for each user. Reflex will not pay the withdrawals if the fee is not according the internal pay policy of REFLEX.

The Ethereum fees need to be at a reasonable price to keep REFLEX going, so we may need more time to pay the withdrawals sometimes.

REFLEX is different. REFLEX already has a market. REFLEX already has a value. Scammers, hackers and other dark figures are always lurking for the next big score.

If REFLEX goes to 24 hours cycle, the rate would be lower. Because more users will be using it and the calculations need to be redone. It also allows everybody to earn the same amount and the only difference in earning profit will come from the referral system.

Although REFLEX acknowledge the strength of this system. It still wants the dedicated miners to earn more.

But don’t worry. REFLEX will go to 24 hours mining activity eventually. Step by step.

When REFLEX is growing, so will be the cycle.

Because there is already a market for RFX, and REFLEX always keep security as a number one priority. Before everything else.

We need you to login every time because we want that ONLY YOU can use your account.

You can use a password manager to save your data and login faster.

If you need help with the buying process you can open a ticket here: https://support.reflextoken.com

It's just a matter of time.

We are working to find more exchanges.

There is enough info about 2.0 on the net.

Main improvements are 100 000 transactions in a second, instead of the 30 transactions in a second. This is done by prove of stake (POS) and not with hardware miners like it is now.

This would reduce the gas fee tremendously. And it would give to the tokens, like RFX, that run on the Ethereum blockchain a boost.

And isn’t that what we all want? REFLEX to the moon!!!

REFLEX is improving non-stop on their applications, experimenting, evolving...

There is more than only developing applications, we are building an ecosystem, we want that our users can see RFX as a real currency spendable on physical stores as well as online.

There is a lot of work to do, just follow us and you will see our improvements.